Thursday, October 15, 2009

Inilah Pertamanya

Whenever I read friends blog I used to read many post regarding ambition and their current studies. Today when I wake up in the morning I come out with something. Life has to go even though we don’t like it. Life has to be continue even though a lot of obstacle I facing.

This is my first time realizing that I never wrote such thing like ambitious. Does it mean I do not have meaningful ambition? What had happened to me after all brilliant phase? And why must now I realize I have no more fate in what I’m doing now?

OMG. It is so pathetic! I am already doing my first degree for at least 2 year with one more year to go. Today morning I read Cambells (a university biology text book from a friend) and I found it is so interesting! OmG why I can’t find that feeling while reading a Geology text book? Looking to the book itself made me sleepy.

But confusion rise back to my mind. If I don’t like Geology why my result is as same as other whose struggle looking into the books? What is it all mean? Am I still compatible with learning Geology?Arghhh..!! Should I do something that I don’t like with?
Looking into rock like the rock has something wrote on its surface? Mingle with soil like it can fertilize my brain? Reading text book which has a lot of new things to understand. I don’t have a firm basic but been ask to do a review of international journal? It is so sad.

Erm..btw. All this mumbling is not written to gain your sympathy or something. To satisfy myself only.

P/s : kalaulah aku ambil course yg aku suke dulu..erm..sigh

p/s : kalau anda masih belum terlewat utk memilih..pilihla mengikut minat sendiri dan bukan kerana money nye. Or else u'll regret in the midle of the road n the money gone!


shafarshahril said...

Oh kawanku,
don't shake your stand or you might fall later.

I used to hate my course before, seriously. There was one time when I couldn't understand any tiny bit of the course taught in the class. But then, I told myself, KEEP holding on...and now, I could say that I really love what I've been learning about biotech so far.

Don't worry, habeskan ape yg kite dah mulakan. rezeki tu Dia yg tentukan

mint heartnet said...

wei aku minat geology wei.
rasa nk tukar jabatan je..

exam next wei kita tukar jadual ek.
ko p sume exam biology aku...